Our Fundraising Complaints Process

Our Fundraising Complaints Process

Stage 1: The charity tries to resolve the complaint

Any complaints can be raised with Cornwall Wildlife Trust or The Fundraising Regulator

• Register the complaint to Cornwall Wildlife Trust within three months of the incident occurring. Cornwall Wildlife Trust will provide a copy of their complaints procedure and the Fundraising Promise. This will be done within 14 days.

• The complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 14 days.

• When the investigation is completed the complainant will be informed of the outcome within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

• If the complainant feels the resolution in not satisfactory, they can raise their concerns with The Fundraising Regulator within two months of receiving Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s final response.

Stage 2: The Fundraising Regulator tries to resolve the complaint

If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, then it can be passed to the Fundraising Regulator. They will investigate the complaint and work with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the complainant to try to resolve the problem.

Once the Fundraising Regulator have received the complaint, they will contact Cornwall Wildlife Trust to inform them of the complaint and to gather information from them regarding the issue. They will investigate the complaint and try to resolve it with all parties concerned within 30 days.

Stage 3: The Fundraising Regulator upholds or rejects a complaint

If the complainant still is not satisfied with the outcome they can ask the Fundraising Regulator to adjudicate. The Fundraising Regulataor will review the complaint and report their conclusion within 60 days. The Fundraising Regulator has the discretion to specify that either no further action is appropriate or to censure the charity and prescribe one or more sanctions. The Fundraising Regulator will try to pursue the case to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties.