Badger Vaccination Appeal

Image by Andrew MasonImage by Andrew Mason

The future of Cornwall’s badgers is at risk. It is estimated that the badger cull is happening now across 54% of Cornwall. There is no doubt that badgers are an adaptable species and have recovered from past persecution, but might we now be pushing them too far? Badgers deserve a place in our countryside and no Wildlife Trust will allow badger culling on its land.

How land managers choose to control the bovine tuberculous (bTB) risk associated with badgers, through culling or vaccination, will be crucial for the future of Cornwall’s badger population.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has been working on the issue of badgers and bTB for several years and we are strong advocates of badger vaccination.

Vaccination offers a viable alternative to culling and Cornwall Wildlife Trust wants to see badger vaccination used more widely in Cornwall and beyond. Increasing numbers of farmers and landowners support this alternative and we want them to have the choice to vaccinate badgers instead of culling. The Godfray Review, published last November, supported the Trust’s views on badger vaccination. If we can encourage others to choose vaccination over culling, we can collectively begin to untangle badgers from the bovine TB problem.

With your help, our ultimate goal is to vaccinate badgers on our nature reserves throughout Cornwall as part of our long-term badger vaccination project.

Latest update: thanks to you, the Badger Vaccination Appeal has hit its target and Cornwall Wildlife Trust now hopes that, with your support, it can raise additional money to expand the vaccination programme to include several thousand acres of farmland in Cornwall.

Realising the potential of badger vaccination, farmers in mid-Cornwall will pay towards the vaccine and running costs, but Cornwall Wildlife Trust need to raise funds to buy extra cage-traps and other expenses so we can vaccinate across the whole area.

Prof Rosie Woodroffe"Badger vaccination is a promising way to control TB. It is good to see Cornwall Wildlife Trust showing leadership by vaccinating badgers on its reserves, protecting wildlife while also acting as a good neighbour to nearby farmers."

Prof Rosie Woodroffe,
Zoological Society of London





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What your donation will fund:

A gift of £10 could provide a sack of peanuts to encourage badgers into the traps for vaccination

A gift of £25 could buy one dose of badger vaccine

A gift of £82 could vaccinate one badger (including time and equipment

A gift of £130 could buy one badger trap, designed to DEFRA’s specifications; we need to buy up to 50 traps, totalling £6,600

A gift of £1,200 could fund our work to survey badger numbers on our nature reserves in the new South East Cornwall cull zone

A gift of £1,700 could invest in the training of one volunteer vaccinator

A gift of £2,500 could provide the resources to vaccinate our reserves in a cull zone for one year


This work on vaccination will bring us closer to a cull-free future. Without your support we simply cannot do it.

Photo by Tom Marshall